2018 World Cup Hair Smackdown


Now for some slightly different programming: an ode to soccer hair, and all it signifies.

Follicular Fabulousness on the Field

The FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial celebration of a game that unites everyone but those who think football is played with your hands. It is also a time to examine some questionable yet delightful grooming choices on an international level – soccer player hair!

From the spectacular to the shambolic, these gentlemen seem to have it all. They express their creativity through these inspiring/insane coifs. But do they have what it takes to become the Universe’s Top Hair Haver?

Bracket and scouting report included at the link below for the 2018 World Cup’s Most Terrific Tresses. Yes, I designed the main graphics terribly in Microsoft Paint, but I hope that my love for footie hairstyles comes through in the reports on each player’s ‘dos.

Hair is where the stories are. Let us listen.

2018 World Cup Hair Bracket


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